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Open Your Windows...Even in the Winter

Many people in Colorado Springs think that they can only use their QuietCool Whole House Fan in the summer time to cool their home. I am here to encourage you today to utilize your Whole House Fan year round! Yes, it might be only 40 degrees outside but let the fresh air in to Clean your home!

Did you burn something on the stove? Then open your windows , turn on your Quiet Cool fan, and exhaust that smoke in minutes!

Are you passing around a cold or flu bug in your family? Then open your windows, turn on your fan, and expel those germs in minutes!

Did you just come home from your vacation and as you opened the door did the stale air take you back? Then open your windows, turn on your Whole House Fan and freshen the air in minutes!

Did you know that if your Whole House Fan is sized properly that you will experience one complete air exchange in your home every 3-4 minutes? You might lose 1-2 degrees of heat in your home, but because of the thermal mass built up from using your furnace, it will only take a few minutes to warm your home again.

So open those windows, turn on your Quiet Cool Whole Hose fan, and Live a Cleaner, Cooler, Healthier Life for only Pennies an Hour!

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Eco Air Solutions of Colorado is a locally owned and operated Family business here in Colorado Springs.

We would love to talk to you about the many benefits of owning a QuietCool Whole House Fan.

Please call with any questions you may have about type, size, how it works, will it work for my home, etc.

We can help you size a fan for your home, give you a no hassle upfront price, and schedule an installation.

Talk with Wayne, Brooke or Jon and Receive a Quote on Your QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation!

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