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Tired of Those Hot Summer Nights?

QuietCool Trident Pro Whole House Fan

It doesn't make much sense to use an air conditioner to cool the air in a home when the outside air is cooler than the inside. So in areas with hot summer days and cool nights, people often use whole-house fans to clear out hot indoor air once the outside temperature drops below about 80°F. High-velocity whole-house cooling fans operate at night during summer months to cool the house and help you sleep with comfort!

Whole-house fans cool 3 ways:

• pulling cool outdoor air into the house through open windows. This cool air quickly replaces hot air in the house.

• moving air through the house. This creates a slight “breeze” which evaporates moisture from skin and makes people feel cooler.

• exhausting hot air out of the house through the attic. This cools the attic and reduces heat gain through the ceiling.

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