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QuietCool Whole House Fans are whisper quiet, innovative, ducted Whole House Fans.

The patented design allows the system to suspend in your attic, which reduces noise and vibration.

With over a 98% Customer Satisfaction, our clients are very happy with this method of cooling their homes.

QuietCool Fans are 100% made in the USA!

Temecula, CA


As an authorized Platinum dealer/installer of QuietCool Fans,

we are experts at installing and configuring the perfect set up of these amazing fans!

We specialize in the Trident Pro Series because of their superb record of Efficiency, Reliability, and Value.

Your price also includes a Wireless RF Kit. The RF Kit is a radio frequency remote control that can operate your fan from any where in your home, up to 100 feet away. 

RF Kit.jpg

RF Kit

Trident Pro Fan Series

Trident Pro 7.0 - QuietCool
Perfect for larger homes
Services up to 3510+ sq ft
2 speed operation

Trident Pro 6.0 - QuietCool

Perfect for large homes

Services up to 2860 sq ft

2 speed operation

Trident Pro 5.5 - QuietCool

Perfect for medium homes

Services up to 2540 sq ft

2 speed operation

Trident Pro 4.8 - QuietCool

Perfect for a 3-4 Bedroom

Services up to 2200 sq ft

2 speed operation

Trident Pro 3.3 - QuietCool

Perfect for a 2-3 Bedroom

Services up to 1610 sq ft

2 speed Operation

Trident Pro 2.5 - QuietCool

Perfect for a Master Suite or

a 1 Bedroom Home

Services up to 1250 sq ft

2 speed operation


Trident Pro 1.5 - QuietCool

Perfect for a Bedroom/ Master Suite/ Home Office

Services up to 700 sq ft

1 Speed operation


Garage Attic Fan

QuietCool GA ES-1500 

The garage attic fan can help cool and ventilate your garage, man cave, or shop for just pennies an hour. The GA ES-1500 uses a high-performance, energy efficient ECM motor & moves air at a rate of 1452 CFM. Two hour rated fire door. Simply set the included thermostat and forget it.


98% Customer Satisfaction

QuietCool enjoys 98% total customer satisfaction. Enjoy peace of mind from thousands of satisfied QuietCool customers. 


Industry Leading Warranty

QuietCool offers an industry leading 15‐year warranty. With QuietCool, you will have the confidence that your fan will be operating at its fullest potential for a decade, or more likely, even longer! And if by some chance it breaks during that decade, you will know that you are completely covered on any parts that make up your QuietCool fan motor assembly.