Whole House Attic Fans

Alternatives to Air Conditioning for Home Cooling

Air conditioning may be effective, but it's not the most ecologically-sound solution for cooling a home. It also isn't the healthiest, as it just recirculates the air already in the home.


When it comes to health, the reason air conditioning isn't good for home cooling is simpler: It doesn't bring in any fresh air. This allows indoor pollutants, allergens, and airborne germs to build up. Meanwhile, when you cool your home with outside air, you let these substances out and get a cleaner indoor environment.


Whole house fans make it easy to bring large amounts of fresh air into and through your home, and thanks to Colorado's climate, doing this also cools your house down fast. Since the fan doesn't use refrigerants, it is easier on the environment and there is no compressor to run, saving on energy and cost.


Whether you want to replace an old cooling system entirely, don't currently have A/C or you want to give yourself a better option than your air conditioning, you should consider a whole house attic fan for your homes cooling needs. They are excellent alternatives, and will still extend many benefits alongside using an air conditioner on the very hottest of days.