Whole House Fans

Why Choose Whole House Fans?

The idea of a whole-house fan is unique in this world of nearly-ubiquitous air conditioning, but on closer examination, it makes a lot of sense. That's because, unlike regular fans, the best whole house fans don't just blow the interior air around, instead, they pull air in from outdoors, moving it rapidly through the house and up and out through the attic, thereby both cleaning and cooling the house in literally minutes!


Bringing in air from outside is a great way to cool a house, especially in a climate like that found in Colorado. The sun can heat the interior of a house by beating on the roof or blasting in through the windows, but the outside air is not similarly warmed. When the outside air is pulled in, the house is therefore cooled. It costs much less to cool a house this way than it does to run an air conditioner compressor.

The rapid movement of air across all surfaces of the house, when the Whole House Fan is running, will also greatly reduce the amount of pollutants, pet dander, toxins, odors, moisture that can cause mold, and even viruses & bacteria that would otherwise be in your home environment. Viruses can remain alive in your home for as long as two weeks, but the Whole House Fan can remove these pesky viruses in minutes, causing a quicker recovery and less risk of other family members getting ill.


With these benefits, it's no wonder that people in areas like Colorado are turning to whole house fans for their cooling needs. While there may still be some summer days where the outside air is hot enough to use an A/C, you'll be able to get great cooling from the fan for most of the year. This saves money, freshens the air in your home, and is a healthier option.

Using your Whole House Fan in the winter is also highly recommended for maintaining a healthy environment. Homes shut up in winter are generally more polluted than the air outside. On those days when the temperature gets into the 40s, turn your fan on for 3-4 minutes and clean your home out. You will feel the fresh, clean air and stay healthier and perhaps sleep better.