Whole House Fans Near Me

More & More People are Using Whole House Fans!


When I first saw an ad for a whole house fan, I could not fully understand how I could replace  my powerful air conditioning system with a fan, of all things. It turns out that a lot of my neighbors, near me,  are doing just that and they tell me they love their Whole House Fan!!

In fact, the climate in Colorado is perfect for whole house fans to be very effective replacements for air conditioning systems. Typically, the sun heats up the inside of a house by working on the structure, which then transmits its heat to the indoor air and everything in the house: this is called Thermal Heat Mass. Meanwhile, the outside air temperature stays cool the majority of the year plus moving air is always cooler than stagnant air. This makes it so that the solution to cooling is actually simple: Bring the outdoor air inside and move it through and out of the house taking all the thermal heat mass with it!

People who use whole house fans, near me, say that it only takes a few minutes for there to be enough air exchange to make them comfortable. For most, this takes place faster than it would take for their air conditioning system to cool the house to the same temperature. Even better, it's cheaper to run whole house fans since they require a compressors.

After hearing about this, I no longer laugh when I see an ad for a whole house fan company. Instead, I think, installing my fan was one of the best things I ever did! Now I rarely, very rarely, ever use my A/C and I love the clean, cool and healthy air in my home these days.